Size : 360×505×800

Material : jesmonite , wood , glass

Year : 2019

It was found that if different materials were dyed for the same period of time, the different speeds of dyeing and the different erosions resulted in different expressions when shaved. When the water-based resin on which the wood surface is transferred is dyed with a methanol dye (a dye used to dye leather, wood, and sand) and cut out, two types of colored wood grain and an undyed inorganic water-based resin are obtained. A mysterious texture where the expression lived together was born. KIRIMI sublimates the texture in the shape of furniture by arranging it on the cross section of the timber. Three types of furniture are used: 90 x 90 mm, 40 x 30 mm, and 30 x 30 mm. It was designed to give a sense of incongruity as if the wood were exposed when cut off.