Size : 400×800×380

Material : naoron paper , stainless , urethanesponge

Year : 2019

The chair which was covered on one piece of Japanese paper. A person who sits repeatedly creates a unique wrinkle of Japanese paper. Even the act of using it is the process of completing the chair. Now, it is necessary to consideration to an environmental problem. In addition to recycling discarded items, you may need to use what you use them longer in your life.Things that are mass-produced can easy to get, so we don't use them carefully. In this project, I produced this chair that I want you to continue loving it and use longer and more carefully.

The Naoron paper is the new material which is developed by Onao corponation. This paper which included a new technique in a tradition, has characteristics; which is hard to be torn while having a texture peculiar to a Japanese paper, it is strong with water, and light. It became the chair that can enjoy the secular change positively grasping the generation of wrinkles. The structure took in the simple thing consisting of four metal legs to let you emphasize the feel of texture of the Japanese paper. I was thinking of the most suitable form while inspecting comfort and a feeling of size. The Japanese paper is sewed with backstitch to cover the structure. The strong wrinkles created at the back and seat folds are quite characteristics of “MA Chair”.